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When we launched this local political action committee in Fall 2021, it was a method to bring
local progressives together and allow our voices to be heard. Now, Mercer County LEAD is a
people’s movement organized by and for Mercer County Ohioans to promote the values of
Equity, Access, and Diversity in Mercer County, Ohio.
By Equity We Mean: Supporting each individual in what they may need to fully participate in our
By Access We Mean: Reducing or eliminating barriers to healthcare, education, and civic action
By Diversity We Mean: Celebrating and advancing the rich diversity that already exists here in
our community
Mercer County LEAD is working towards an inclusive Mercer County Community driven by the
values and hopes of everyday people. We envision a community where everyone can be free to
live and thrive authentically.
Mercer County LEAD gives all Mercer Countians the chance to make an impact in their
community. We are about making change, not just making noise. We aim to make an impact in
local and statewide elections and to build tolerance, acceptance, and celebration for all types of
people living here.
How does Mercer County LEAD Work?
Mercer County LEAD takes simple, powerful actions all year round and at critical moments for
our community. Sometimes we act online- like signing a petition, emailing politicians, or raising
awareness on social media. Sometimes we act offline, like attending public meetings, giving
public statements as constituents, taking out newspaper ads, or disseminating community
mailers. We also aim to get creative when we need to– being nimble and flexible allows us to be
most effective in our community.
It’s time to make social change, and we use local organizing to directly build our progressive
By progressive we mean a community that:
● Celebrates and unapologetically supports LGBTQ+ individuals and families as full
members of our community
● Fights alongside local and statewide Black Lives Matter organizations and supports
Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the fight against racism right here in our
● Promotes access to high-quality, comprehensive reproductive healthcare including
comprehensive sex education, birth control methods, and abortion services for
individuals across Mercer County